There Is No Need To Intermediary Medical Agents For Urologic Surgical Treatment If You Prefer Our Urology Team

Dear patients and their family members,

As we all know that the medicine has been developing rapidly in recent years. The primary objective of the doctors should be following the developments and keeping themselves updated. Nowadays medical tourism has become a very important sector. Also in our country there are many firms small or big size, dealing with medical tourism. The interesting point is that most of them has no medical education and has no relations with hospitals.

In our country, since medicine is really advanced, the rate of the patients going to europe or united states to receive medical care is very low.

We, as Istanbul Urology Clinic in Liv Hospital Ulus, are performing the most updated surgery techniques. We have patients coming from abroad for surgical treatments as well as the colleagus coming to watch our surgeries. While being a part of the medical tourism, patients reach us through agencies. Bacause there is a perception that patients coming from abroad need to contact an agenycy to be able to reach us. Now I am here to emphasize that you don’t need to contact an agency to reach us. If you skip the agencies and contact us directly, you will always get the same quality of treatment and hospitalizing with a very lower costs. You can see what kind of urological surgeries we are performing on my website ( and on Liv hospital’s website.

Reaching us is very easy: If you need English speaking just contact our WhatsApp (nr: 90 530 688 56 96) or send email to our mail address ( if you need Arabic, the WhatsApp nr is 90 531 765 71 11.

The procedure will be so easy. You can send your test results to be examined by us. If we decide that a surgery is needed you will just arrange a hotel around the hospital and we will have a face to face meeting.

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